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You Have Makeshift Muffin Tins If You Own Mason Jar Lids
If you’re craving muffins but don’t have a muffin tin, you don't have to hurry to the store or an online retailer. Instead, look for any mason jars you have around the house.
The metal rings or bands from mason jar lids are just a little bigger than a paper muffin liner. This means they can hold muffins in place while they bake, just like a muffin tin.
First, take out a baking sheet and place your bands on it, making sure there’s no overlap. Then, put a muffin liner in each ring, making sure the band holds it securely.
Fill the liners with muffin batter and they should stay upright, held in place by the jar rings. From there, you can bake the muffins like you normally would.
The downside is that your batter may flop over a little while baking, leading to wider and flatter muffins. The rubber rings in the bands may also lose their lid-sealing qualities.