Bottle of Willet Pot Still Reserve Bourbon
Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon: The Ultimate Bottle Guide
In 1936, The Willett Distillery opened in Bardstown, Kentucky. Originally owned by Thompson Willet, it was passed down to his daughter in 1984, who still runs the business.
In 2008, the first Willett Pot Still Reserve was released with its recognizable bottle shape, and the family opened a new distillery on the site in 2012.
This bourbon has up-front aromas of toasted corn. Supporting aromas include honey, vanilla, and citrus, with touches of barrel funk, cooking spice, and toasted banana.
A first sip greets you with a sharp black pepper bite, which levels out into a citrussy bitterness like a burnt orange rind. It finishes with an oak-kissed mint chocolate flavor.
How It's Made
Before 2008, the bourbon was sourced from other distilleries and barreled, aged, and blended at the Willett Distillery. Since 2012, production has moved in-house.
Willett uses 100% new charred white oak barrels for this aging process. It's made from a wheated mash bill with 20% wheat, 15% malted barley, and 65% corn.
How To Drink
This bourbon is certainly rewarding neat, and the longer it sits this way, the more the flavor deepens. Dilution allows the intense citrus and spice flavors to open up.
To naturally provide this dilution, enjoy it on the rocks. This also helps to quash some of its heat, which can come across more as a pleasant citrus sharpness when diluted.
This relatively affordable bottle usually retails for around $50-$55, as of January 2024. Its packaging makes it an appealing gift bottle.