A bowl of oatmeal with berries
Why You Should Really Avoid Adding Berries To Overnight Oats
When preparing overnight oats to leave in the fridge overnight, don't add berries, as sitting in a liquid will cause their thin peels to break down and their flesh to turn to mush.
In addition to this off-putting texture, the colors of the mixed berries could also run together, adding an unappealing muddled hue to your breakfast.
Instead, the best way to incorporate berries is to mix them in just before serving or eating your overnight oats. Make sure to wash them properly under cool water.
Dry the berries with a paper towel and top your cup of overnight oats with them. Do this in the morning, as doing so at night and placing them in the fridge could result in mold.
Consider using fruits that hold up better when soaked in liquid overnight such as apple slices and bananas. If you want to use berries, try using dried varieties.