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Why You Should Never Use A Metal Knife To Cut An Avocado
Before you check to see if an avocado is ripe, pay attention to what kind of knife you use to cut into it. Just like the size or sharpness of your knife, the material of the blade is very important when cutting delicate ingredients like avocado, and many cooks make the mistake of choosing metal.
Metal knife blades commonly contain iron and copper, and these can activate enzymes inside avocado flesh and cause the avocado halves to turn brown faster, via a process called oxidation. This is especially tricky if you want to save some of your avocado for later, so try a plastic or ceramic knife instead.
If you only own metal knives, try cutting your avocado, placing the leftovers in a container, and lining the container with slices of onion to prevent browning. You can also brush the avocado with olive oil or lemon juice. Also, remember that you're cutting a slippery fruit here; avocado-related injuries happen more than you think!