Cardamom and cinnamon coffee on a dark background.
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Why You Should Add Cardamom To Your Morning Coffee
Cardamom is a popular spice mainly grown in India, Sri Lanka, and Guatemala, and has been called the "queen of spices" due to its complex flavor and versatility. While Americans usually add spices like cinnamon and pumpkin spice to their coffee, drinkers in the Middle East prefer cardamom, and this is what it can do for your morning cup.
Cardamom has a peppery, zesty citrus flavor, similar to ginger with hints of lemon and mint, and its rich floral aroma make it a surefire way to add warmth to coffee. The spice can be obtained in its pod form, as a pre-ground powder, as packed capsules, or even in an essential oil, though pods and powder are the best options for coffee.
To try this secret ingredient, mix a few green cardamom pots with your regular coffee beans, then add them to your grinder and brew your coffee as usual. Start with a small amount and add more cardamom next time if you enjoy the flavor, and if you like milk in your coffee, you can also steep whole cardamom pods in the hot milk.