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Why You Don’t Have To Wait That Long For Baked Potatoes At A Restaurant
If you’ve ever been delighted by how baked potatoes get delivered to you so quickly at restaurants, then you have the 19th century potato street vendors of London to thank for that. Making deals with bakers to use their large ovens, the street vendors would bake about 75 everyday and keep them heated in large tin cans until served.
This method is not a lost practice in today’s restaurants. The process of preparing the baked potatoes, revealed for us by Restaurant Ninja, is that the amount of potatoes per hour is decided before the week begins, and they’re loaded onto the rack and cycled throughout the busy day, with the leftovers being recycled into potato skins and soup.
In Anthony Bourdain's book, Kitchen Confidential, he portrays this type of restaurant practice in a negative light when applied to brunch food. However, the art of storing potatoes is proven to be both sanitary and bacteria free, giving you the same delicious baked potato, just at a shorter wait time!