Woman adds butter to flour on a marble kitchen counter
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Why Ultra-Savory Belgian Butter Needs A Moment In Your Kitchen
European butter standards require a butterfat content of at least 82%, which is 2% higher than American butter standards and makes a huge difference in texture and flavor.
Belgian butter is particularly high-quality and sought after. To achieve a high butterfat content, the butter must be churned for a long time, which makes it that much creamier.
Belgian brand Les Pres Sales uses milk from cows that graze near the French border, and it’s flavored with French Camargue sea salt, giving it a pleasant pop of crunchy texture.
Another Belgian brand, Chimay, is produced from cows that graze on greenery near France as well, which creates a fresh taste and delicate creaminess to enhance any dish.
Belgian butter’s rich flavor makes it a must-have if you're in love with savory dishes. Use it on fresh artisan bread, or add it to simple pasta dishes where it can shine.
You can also combine Belgian butter with herbs, spices, and more to make a compound butter for melting on top of steak or fish. Of course, it also pairs well with Belgian waffles.
If you can afford to buy this butter regularly, it also works well in baking, and its high fat content is great for rich recipes such as croissants, pastries, and pie crust.