Modern Turkish teapot.
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Why The Turkish Double Kettle Is A Game-Changer For Tea Lovers
A traditional Turkish teapot is called a çaydanlık, and it's made of two teapots connected vertically. Not only does it hold more tea, but the çaydanlık produces better-tasting tea.
A traditional teapot sits directly on its heat source, which can burn the leaves at the bottom and create a bitter taste. The çaydanlık avoids this risk thanks to its two chambers.
With a çaydanlık, tea leaves are stored in the top pot, so they're heated more slowly. This gentler brewing method brings out a fuller flavor without a risk of overheating the tea.
Meanwhile, the bottom pot is filled with water that gets heated to a boil. A small amount of the boiling water is added to the top pot and left to brew for about 15 minutes.
The small, concentrated amount of tea is added to cups and diluted with water from the bottom pot, allowing you to balance out the flavors and strength of your tea as you like it.