Shoppers browsing the meat section at a Costco location
Why Is There So Much Mislabeled Meat At Costco?
Rampant mislabeling and honest mistakes by employees in the Costco meat department have resulted in some serious price discrepancies.
Customers have taken to posting astonishing deals on Subreddits, such as angus tri-tip steaks marked down by $4.50 per pound to a shocking total of $2.99 a pound.
Those posting about these strange Costco savings online have noted that Costco more often than not will honor the deal born of a mislabeling error.
One commenter speculated that Costco purposely mislabels to drive business, but an employee was quick to point out that Costco often relies on seasonal employees who lack training.
While some argue that mislabeled meat is one way for a customer to take advantage, others say that it may be on Costco to honor it, otherwise it seems like a bait-and-switch.