Table filled with different Spanish foods and drinks
Which Country Has The Highest Number Of Restaurants Considered Best In The World?
In 2024, the country with more restaurants on the World's 50 Best list than any other is Spain, which boasted a whopping six establishments as of June 2023.
Disfrutar secured the Number Two spot. They serve an avant-garde dessert that involves a physical table with different drawers and compartments all packed with hidden treats.
Number Three is DiverXO, which has a 12-course tasting menu that features imaginative dishes created by Michelin-star Chef Dabiz Muñoz.
At Number Four, Asador Etxebarri puts traditional Spanish flame-grilled cooking at the center. All six of their grills can be raised or lowered via an elaborate pulley system.
Number 20, Quique Dacosta, has "concepts" as the star of the show. The interplay of food, art, and beauty is explored by Chef Quique Dacosta.
Number 22, Elkano, is all about bringing techniques of the past into the present. Their marine showcase allows the texture and flavor of fresh seafood to shine.