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Where To Find The 20 Best Breakfast Sandwiches In America
Elephantine Bakery
Nestled down a brick-lined alley in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is Elephantine Bakery, home to one of the most epic and inventive breakfast sandwiches around. The egg simit is a Middle Eastern-inspired sandwich with Turkish bread, soft-boiled eggs, hummus, beet and pistachio labneh, za'atar-spiced feta, and baby spinach.
Fried Egg I'm In Love
After starting out as a successful food cart, Fried Egg I'm In Love has grown into a mini-empire in Portland, Oregan. Much of the place's success is due to its signature sandwich, the Yolko Oono, which features an over-medium egg, succulent sausage patty, fresh pesto, and parmesan cheese served on toasted sourdough.
The Beacon Daily
It's hard to top a well-mastered classic like the English muffin breakfast sandwich at The Beacon Daily, a charming café in Beacon, New York. Their English muffins are fluffy and buttery with enough texture to hold everything together, and your choice of add-ins range from eggs, cheese, and bacon to smoked turkey and red chili tofu.
Dolina Santa Fe
The breakfast croissant at Dolina Santa Fe is sliced in half and layered with organic scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, avocado, radish sprouts, and — in a nod to Santa Fe's geography — asadero cheese. Each ingredient is local and sustainable, and the café partners with a nearby farm for many of its ingredients.
The Lox
Combine a perfect bagel with perfect lox, and you have the breakfast of champions. Such is the success story at The Lox Bagel Shop, a hip counter-service café in Columbus that is said to have some of the best bagels in the country; you can order one with eggs, cheese, lox, and/or the signature "egg sauce" for an amazing sandwich.