Vanilla cupcake being frosted with a piping bag
When To Use Buttercream Over Whipped Frosting For Your Baked Goods
Buttercream and whipped frosting are both creamy, but buttercream is much thicker and sweeter. It also holds its shape well and lasts much longer than whipped frosting.
This makes buttercream the ideal topping for baked goods that you want to be extra sugary. Since it holds its shape, it's a good choice for any kind of intricate decorating.
Whipped frosting is less sweet than buttercream and its texture is lighter and airier. It won't hold the shape for any kind of fancy decorating, providing more of a rustic vibe.
If you prefer a fluffier mouthfeel, opt for whipped frosting. It's perfect for those who don't love a ton of frosting in each bite, since you don't need to use as much.