Chicken pot pie with the crust broken by a silver spoon
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When Serving Pot Pie, Flip It Upside-Down. Here's Why
While homemade pot pie is undeniably the best, a small frozen pie is a convenient alternative. There's even a trick you can use that will make the eating experience much better.
Most frozen pot pies are baked in a foil shell. The crust can stick to the foil, and you have to eat the filling to get to the bottom crust, leaving you with plain, bland pastry.
The solution is to cook the pie, then flip it upside down onto a plate, which unmolds it into a standalone pastry that lets you take even bites of vegetables, meat, and crust.
Once the pie has been baked, loosen the edges with a butter knife, turn it over, and gently push on the center to release it onto the plate for a tasty pie that's neater to eat.