Blueberry muffin on a cutting board
When Adding Baking Soda To Blueberry Muffins, Don't Forget The Vinegar
Baking soda is a common leavening agent you can add to your blueberry muffin batter to achieve a light and airy crumb. However, you cannot use it without also using vinegar.
The key to effective leavening is the chemical reaction between baking soda — an alkaline compound and a base — and vinegar, an acid.
When the two combine, they create a fizzy mixture of carbon dioxide gas that causes bubbling, leading to a muffin or cake batter rising and achieving a fluffy, airy crumb.
The general rule for blueberry muffin batter, or any other batter, is to use ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and ½ teaspoon of distilled white vinegar for every cup of flour.
You can add baking soda to the dry ingredients and vinegar to the wet ingredients. Mixing the wet and dry ingredients activates the reaction that raises muffins in the oven.
Additionally, you can use vinegar to test baking soda's viability by adding a dash of the soda to some vinegar. If the soda bubbles, it's still good for use as a leavening agent.