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What Makes Australia's 'Magic Coffee' Unique
Over the last few years, Australian coffee culture has gained recognition from around the globe, and you might not even know that the country created the trendy flat white (though some argue the drink came from New Zealand.) Now, there's a new cult favorite coffee drink poised to steal the flat white's crown, known as "magic coffee."
Invented in Melbourne, magic coffee is made by brewing a double ristretto into a 5-ounce cup and pouring steamed milk on top. The use of the 5-ounce cup, rather than 6-ounce, and ristretto, which uses half the water, a finer ground, and a shorter brewing time than espresso, makes magic coffee different from the similar flat white.
The drink is called "magic coffee" due to its magic ratio of coffee to milk, creating a bold coffee without bitterness. Until recently, you would never hear someone order "A Magic" outside Melbourne, or do so yourself, but now the drink is making its way to the UK through the popular in-store cafes at retail giant Marks & Spencer.