Coffee beans spilling out of a metal scoop
What Is French Roast Coffee And What Does It Taste Like?
One of the most important determinators of a coffee’s flavor is its roast, and the boldest roast of all is the French roast, which produces strong, intense flavors.
The French roast is obtained by roasting the coffee beans at the highest temperature for a long time, bringing out an intense flavor that is smoky, sweet, and bitter.
The roast produces coffee with a light texture and strong, smokey, straightforward taste, making it perfect for elaborate drinks complemented by chocolate, mocha, or sugar.
French roasting originated in the 19th century as a way to produce a standardized, bold coffee to cater to European cafes which favored dark, intense brews.
Since the process is so intense, the quality of the coffee is less important than in other roasts, and many of the nuances of the beans are lost along the way.
Because of this, the style is sometimes referred to simply as 'espresso' or 'dark roast.' On the spectrum, only Italian and Spanish roasts are considered darker than French.