A photo illustration of a beverage from Starbucks in Hedge End, Southampton
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What Ever Happened To Starbucks' Cherries Jubilee Mocha?
During the 2013 holiday season, Starbucks tested out two festive drinks: the Chestnut Praline Latte and the Cherries Jubilee Mocha. Only the former is still offered as of 2023.
Cherries jubilee is a dessert of cherries cooked with cornstarch, sugar, orange zest, cherry extract, and brandy served over ice cream. The Starbucks drink used similar flavors.
The Cherries Jubilee Mocha used a mocha base with espresso, steamed milk, and mocha sauce, finished off with cherry syrup, whipped cream, cocoa powder, and a cherry drizzle.
Starbucks only introduced the Cherries Jubilee Mocha in select stores in Orlando and Tampa, Florida, and it never made it to any other stores before being taken off the menu.
In 2018, Starbucks debuted a new cherry beverage, the Cherry Mocha, right before Valentine's Day. It remains to be seen if either of these cherry drinks will return in the future.