A bottle of Jim Beam Red Stag
We Ranked Every Bottle Of Jim Beam From Worst To Best
13. Peach
Jim Beam Peach is flavorful and aromatic. The peaches interplay with the bourbon’s caramel, vanilla, and oak flavors well, but not as well as other options.
12. Orange
This flavor is tasty but doesn't quite marry perfectly with classical bourbon tastes. However, it does have a good contrast of fresh orange and the oak of the bourbon.
11. Fire
Jim Beam uses cinnamon flavors to create its unique and pleasant Jim Beam Fire. This is a great, fiery whiskey, but the cinnamon can be a little overpowering.
10. Honey
Jim Beam Honey builds on bourbon's natural sweetness with tasty honey without that powerful whiskey aroma. However, it doesn't match up to other competitors.
9. Vanilla
With dessert-like flavors, Jim Bean Vanilla offers an impressive vanilla-infused bourbon experience. While not the highest on the list, its flavors were excellent.