Egg, sausage, and cheese waffle sandwich
Waffle Canned Biscuits For A Breakfast Sandwich Like No Other
To further elevate plain canned biscuits for an effortless breakfast, turn them into biscuity waffles and use them to make a delicious and easily customizable breakfast sandwich.
Sometimes it's just hard to choose between a sweet breakfast, like waffles, and a savory one, like a breakfast sandwich, so this method lets you combine the best of both worlds.
Open the can and separate the biscuits as usual, then lightly grease the waffle iron and place the biscuits inside to cook for one to two minutes or until they turn golden brown.
Finally, pick out the ingredients to go inside the sandwich. Opt for savory fillings complete with bacon and cheese, or use sliced or mashed avocado, poached egg, and tomatoes.
You could also fill the waffles with fried chicken and a drizzle of hot honey, or use ham, turkey, and provolone or Swiss cheese topped with powdered sugar and dipped in jam.
You can even drizzle maple syrup inside for a sandwich reminiscent of the McDonald's McGriddle, and swap out the bacon for maple sausage links to make it a touch sweeter.