Grilled Spicy Glazed Pork Ribs on a cutting board
Use Bacon Fat To Elevate Your Pork Ribs From Plain To Award-Winning
Cooking succulent pork ribs on the grill can be daunting, but one expert tip you can try to ensure mouthwatering results each time is to use bacon fat in the grilling process.
Adding a spoonful of bacon fat to baste the ribs with smoky bacon flavor helps add a layer of salty, umami taste along with some additional fat to moisten lean rib meat.
One way to add the bacon fat to the ribs is to rub the meaty side of an uncooked rack with a spoon or two of cold bacon fat, then add a simple 3-ingredient dry rub for more flavor.
The fat helps the spices cling to the meat, adding that signature bacon flavor. The melting bacon fat will also wake up aromatic spices to allow them to permeate the meat.
Alternatively, add the fat inside the foil wrap with other seasonings — before or after an initial bronzing on the grill — so the flavors blend and melt into an irresistible glaze.