Potato chips on a white background
Try Breading Pork Chops With Your Favorite Bag Of Chips And Thank Us Later
To take your pork chop's crunch to the next level, you'll need to bread and pan-fry it, and for a more flavorful crunch, skip the breadcrumbs and opt for chips.
With their high starch content and intense seasoning, the crispy chips make a flavorful coating for pan-fried pork chops whose tender meat yields under a blanket of crispiness.
Dredge wet- or dry-brined brined chops through seasoned flour, then dip the meat in a beaten egg wash so the crushed chips cling to the sticky surface.
Coat the chops with crushed chips and pan-fry them to golden perfection, resulting in pork chops with a flavorful, crispy crust that gets even crispier as it cooks.
You can experiment with a variety of flavors and chips, like sour cream and onion potato chips, Doritos, or Fritos, to transform your pork chops into a culinary experience.