Cured egg yolks in a bowl
Transform Egg Yolks Into Jam By Curing Them In Honey
In a viral Instagram video, food influencer Al Brady demonstrated how to transform egg yolks into a deliciously spreadable sweet, savory jam by curing them in honey.
First, cover egg yolks in honey in a sealable container, then place it in the fridge for 3-5 days to let honey's sugar draw moisture out of raw yolks and form a firm, creamy pearl.
The jammy yolks are easily extractable and dripping with honey for the ultimate sweet and savory spread. Since you've cured them, they'll also last for weeks.
You can then add a yolk to a piece of toasted bread with a bit of its preservative honey, smash it with a spoon, and spread the sweet yolk jam over the crusty slice.
Honey is a sweet and floral complement to a buttery egg yolk, but you can also get creative and use hot honey infused with fresh slices of hot peppers for a spicy and crunchy kick.