Exterior of a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant
Think Twice Before Ordering These 9 Items At Buffalo Wild Wings
Naked Tenders
These tenders are pale and muted without much flavor or spice, making them a good option to avoid. Some patrons also feel that the chicken isn't properly breaded.
Blazin' Knockout
The Blazin' Knockout sauce is the spiciest sauce at the chain, and many find it far too spicy. Customers also complain that it’s just heat without any flavor.
Mozzarella Sticks
Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the mozzarella sticks’ flat and lackluster flavor, along with their plainness compared to other appetizers.
Cheese Curd Burger
The cheese curd bacon burger has a major issue with the cheese curds overpowering the entire burger. Customers also mention a lack of consistency.
The cheese curds aren't always consistent in terms of quality, quantity, or availability. Complaints about the lack of cheese curds in stock aren’t uncommon either.
Chicken Caesar Salad
Many feel that BWW's chicken Caesar salad is underseasoned and lacks fresh-tasting components. Some were also frustrated by the lack of actual lettuce.