grilled cheese sandwich on gray concrete background
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These Greens Will Add Balance To A Grilled Cheese
To add heft and contrasting flavors to grilled cheese without overshadowing the cheese itself, look no further than the simple addition of leafy green vegetables.
You should choose greens that are neither tough nor mushy, such as arugula, kale, spinach, or broccoli rabe, which will wilt just the right amount when cooked in a grilled cheese.
Arugula’s peppery flavor pairs well with Swiss, Parmesan, and versatile bread like sourdough, while kale’s bitterness is best with a full-bodied cheese like gouda or Gruyère.
For broccoli rabe, use the florets, which have a sweeter, nuttier flavor, and pair them with provolone and red pepper flakes. Classic sharp cheddar is a great pair with spinach.