Red wine being poured into a wine glass
There's A Perfect Red Wine Substitute Hiding In Your Pantry
Black tea makes a surprisingly worthy substitute for red wine to bring body and flavor to a dish while cooking thanks to one common compound: tannins.
Tannins is a bitter compound that gives red wine its flavor, body, and texture. It naturally occurs in other foods and drinks, most notably in black tea.
Tannins play a similar role
in black tea, lending it a slightly bitter and earthy taste. Black tea has the most tannins among teas, so there’s no worry
about a lack of flavor.
Cooking with tea and red wine is quite similar. However, red wine is slightly more acidic, so you'll need a splash of vinegar to compensate for the taste.
After steeping the tea, let it cool down before stirring in a teaspoon or two of vinegar. Once the tea is cool, you can use it to marinate meat, braise veggies, or add it to soup.