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The Unexpected Way To Effectively Clean Your Can Opener
Surprisingly, can openers are ranked among the top 10 germiest kitchen gadgets. Whether mold, yeast, salmonella or E.coli, this tool should be cleaned regularly as food residues can be left on the blade, fueling the spread of bacteria to other cans.
Traditional cleaning methods often include soaking can openers in vinegar before scrubbing with a soapy toothbrush and rinsing clean or sticking it into the dishwasher. For a quick and thorough alternative, clean the can opener with a wax paper.
Not only does wax paper clean the can opener, it can also lubricate the gadget. Fold the wax paper several times before using the can opener to clamp down, turn the crank to dislodge the gunk, and repeat the process until all grime is gone.
For an extra hygienic process, follow up by using food-grade hydrogen peroxide for disinfection or pour a few drops of food-grade mineral oil on a fresh sheet of parchment and repeat the clamping and turning. If the can opener is too dirty to clean, it might be time to replace it with a newer model.