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The Trendy London Bar With An Entire Trolley Dedicated To Martinis
A martini trolley is a theatrical experience in which guests at a restaurant or bar have spirits, garnishes, and ice brought right to their tables in a trolley, and bartenders then mix and serve drinks directly to them. London bar the Connaught is known for serving perfect margaritas, so it’s also the perfect place to experience a martini trolley.
The Connaught prides itself on offering guests their choice of martini from a signature martini trolley, whilst customers sit in a slick, stylish environment that looks like a scene out of the 1920s. Since its conception, the trolley has garnered plenty of international attention and has been labeled a "theatrical delight" by outlet Hot Dinners.
The martinis are served in hand-carved crystal glasses with ice that has been "slow-frozen,” and homemade bitters like tonka bean and lavender can be requested as an addition to the drinks. The Connaught Shop describes the experience as “ceremonial,” and guests can observe their stunning drinks being made right before their eyes.