Pasta with Bolognese sauce
The Tomato Paste Tip For Flavor-Packed Bolognese Sauce
Tomato paste can thicken Bolognese sauce and add some extra tomato flavor, but if cooked correctly, its sugars and savory glutamates can provide a more complex depth of flavor.
Tomato paste can be cooked down and concentrated through caramelization, giving your sauce a savory-sweet flavor like the best authentic Italian Bolognese recipes.
You can caramelize your paste on its own or with other ingredients. The paste will change from vibrant red to a deeper crimson or brown and reduce into a smaller amount overall.
To cook tomato paste with the veggies and meat that's already in your pot or pan, add the paste about five minutes before these other ingredients are done, to avoid overcooking.
Alternatively, combine the paste with olive oil in a separate pan, in a ratio of 3 parts paste to 1 part oil. Cook until it changes color, then add to the rest of the ingredients.
For beginners, caramelizing the paste separately may be easier, since it doesn't depend too much on timing. With either method, stir frequently to avoid burning the paste.