Boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts
The Times Square Krispy Kreme Store Offers A Unique $11 Doughnut
The Big Apple Doughnut — which looks like a shiny red apple and costs $10.99 — is the biggest draw for Krispy Kreme’s Times Square flagship store, the only location selling it.
Inspired by candy apples sold at Coney Island, the donut is filled with "Red Delicious flavored Kreme filling" (per the Krispy Kreme website) to mimic the taste of a red apple.
Sold in a large green box for a fuller presentation, the specialty donut has a red, shiny glaze on top and is finished with a "leaf" made of royal icing and a pretzel stick "stem."
Per YouTube's The World According to Jason, the fluffy caramel-apple-like donut is mildly tart, and the glaze "tastes just like an apple." However, some found the glaze too sticky.