Different types of bagels with toppings like cream cheese, fried eggs, and lox
The Store-Bought Bagel Brand That's Exactly Like The New York Variety
Bagels are an iconic New York food, and you can get a taste of the city at home with Ray’s New York Bagels, a store-bought bagel brand that lives up to the New York standard.
Founded in 1999, Ray’s New York Bagels makes its bagels in New York with New York-based ingredients and New York-style cooking.
The bagels are boiled in New York’s unique mineral-light water, creating soft and chewy bagels, which are then frozen to lock in their freshness before they’re shipped.
As Ray's motto states, "The freshest New York bagel is actually frozen." They have a longer shelf-life and fewer chemical preservatives than bagels in the bread aisle.
You can find the bagels in the freezer aisle of most major grocery stores. Before eating, you can thaw them out or cook them frozen, letting the ice turn to steam as they cook.