Crispy Jalapeno Popper with creamy cheese battered on white wooden board.
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The Spicy Freezer Snack You Should Add To Grilled Cheese
If you love spicy food, jalapeños in a grilled cheese are a delicious way to add extra heat. You don't even have to spend time chopping up fresh peppers if you use a shortcut.
Frozen jalapeño poppers are made of ingredients that all work wonderfully when added to grilled cheese: spicy jalapeños, cream cheese and/or cheddar, and crunchy breading.
Simply pre-cook the jalapeño poppers, which shouldn't take long, and stuff them in the middle of your grilled cheese for extra creaminess, crispiness, heat, and flavor.
You can also add bacon, cilantro, or onion powder to make your sandwich even more indulgent, but a box of these tasty freezer snacks does more than enough to jazz it up.