Crab rangoons with sliced onions and sweet and sour sauce
The Shaping Tip That Will Guarantee Fully-Filled Crab Rangoon
When forming homemade crab rangoons, you might be tempted to use heaps of filling, but for the perfect amount in each bite, the way you fold the little dumplings matters.
Crab rangoons folded into origami-esque shapes are pretty, but complicated and time-consuming. However, a simpler purse shape can create an uneven distribution of filling.
A simple triangle shape seems alright, but the rangoons can balloon in size and leak during frying. A shape that's both easy and reliable is the classic four-pointed star.
By joining a wonton wrapper's four edges together in the middle, you can add more filling and keep it located in the center, so it's evenly distributed and won't move while frying.
Four-pointed stars are also crunchier, since the wrappers are given more surface area to crisp up in the oil. Shape the rangoons just before frying so the wrappers don't dry out.
After wetting the edges of a wonton wrapper, add a scoop of your filling to the center, using a teaspoon to a tablespoon of filling, depending on how large your rangoons are.
Fold each edge of the wrapper inward and firmly pinch the middle point where the edges intersect. Then, press together the remaining sides of the wonton to create a seal.