Toast with mashed avocado and hemp seeds on a plate. Healthy vegan snack. Top view, marble background
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The Secret Ingredient To Give Your Avocado Toast New Life
Avocado toast is already a popular breakfast dish, but Tasting Corner recipe developer Jennie Rye has a few extra ingredients you can use to really bring it to the next level.
For Rye’s recipe, you need asparagus, sourdough bread, butter, white wine vinegar, chopped chives, salt, pepper, two eggs, and her secret ingredient: sumac.
Not only does sumac add a splash of color, it also carries a hint of citrus that is known to bring a zesty component, which really makes the dish “pop,” Rye says.
Look for sumac in the bulk section of your local market or order some online to be sure that you have it on hand next time you’re craving avocado toast for breakfast.