A glass of whiskey on the rocks
The Right Way To Drink Whiskey If You Like It On The Rocks
Tasting Corner talked with expert, Barrett Stapleton, METHOD AND MADNESS Head Distiller at the Micro-Distillery, to learn about the power of chilling and adding water to whiskey.
If you like whiskey on the rocks, Stapleton says to add a single big ice cube. It will cool the drink with the right amount of water dilution to enhance and disperse its flavors.
While adding a scoop of ice will give you the fastest and highest level of dilution, it can also lead to over-dilution of the whiskey since the smaller ice cubes will melt faster.
For those who wish to chill their whiskey without diluting or enhancing the flavors with water, opt for cold whiskey stones. They work well and don’t melt or dilute the whiskey.