The kidney beans in the wooden cup
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The Reason You Should Be Buying Boxed Beans Instead Of Canned
When choosing between pre-cooked beans in a can and dried beans in a box, canned beans may seem like an obvious choice, since they're the perfect time-saving way to add more protein and fiber to your plate. However, boxed beans are actually superior to their canned counterparts in many ways, and are absolutely worth the extra effort.
Many brands of canned beans contain a surprisingly high amount of sodium per serving, and their metal packaging can cause them to have a metallic, tinny flavor. Dried beans, on the other hand, cost less than canned beans per serving, and once you soak them for a while to rehydrate them, they're easy to cook and more flavorful.
While the canning liquid in canned beans can add a soggy texture to your final dish, dried beans can be easily and perfectly cooked in any recipe. Dry beans can also be gently simmered and left on the stove while you do other things, and are way more of a set-it-and-forget-it food item than other staples like rice, pasta, or vegetables.