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The Reason You Should Be Adding Simple Syrup To Your Martini
NYC bartender Joaquín Simó believes that simple syrup belongs in your martini. This may sound odd to martini enthusiasts, but it's not necessarily about making the drink sweeter.
Simó explains that simple syrup plays a textural role in cocktails for a better mouthfeel. He says it's a game-changer for any drink, even if you're not trying to make it sweet.
When tasting drinks after adding as little as a half-teaspoon of simple syrup, Simó says that "I realized that little bit of sugar was giving it backbone, giving it structure."
Syrup made with granulated white sugar is most versatile and won't add any extra flavors, while demerara or brown sugar syrups add depth to drinks with dark or barrel-aged spirits.
Simple syrup can soften the astringency and hard edges of a martini, a drink that's essentially pure liquor. This can make it smoother and more enjoyable for both fans and newbies.