Top view of metallic spoon with olive oil on it
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The Reason Wolfgang Puck Doesn't Cook With Expensive Olive Oil
Olive oil is a pantry essential, not only for cooking but also to add flavor to meals. While it’s true some olive oils are better for cooking than drizzling, you might be surprised to learn exactly why celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck prefers to forgo fancier olive oils when cooking.
Wolfgang Puck prefers not to cook with fancier, high-priced bottles of olive oil, not because of the price tag but because they tend to burn. The priciest olive oils are typically cold-pressed and graded extra virgin, and unfortunately, they burn at higher heats, warping their flavors.
The heating process neutralizes the flavors of high-quality olive oil, essentially nullifying the extra cost. While you're better off cooking with olive oil that's less flavorful to being with, high-quality olive oils can be enjoyed in their purest form as a drizzle to brighten up dishes.