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The Reason It’s Sometimes Worth Cooking With Pricey Bottled Mineral Water
While bottled mineral water (also known as spring water) might seem rather extravagant and even unnecessary, it can genuinely enhance the flavor and quality of certain dishes.
Some chefs swear it adds subtle mineral notes to the liquid base of soups and stews, elevating the overall taste. It is also the preferred choice for pastry chefs and bakers.
Tap water varies in hardness or softness, which affects dough texture and fermentation. Bottled mineral water, with its consistent mineral composition, produces better results.
The difference from regular tap water may not be obvious when sipping mineral water by itself, but you'll truly see a difference in recipes with a liquid base.
However, you don't need mineral water for every recipe, and tap water will work in most cases. Save it for recipes that truly benefit from its unique mineral qualities.