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The Reason All Angel's Envy Bottles Have Corks Out Of Date
When it came time for the Angel Envy bourbon to roll out the first run, the release date was set: October 2010.
The designing and printing of corks preceded the release, and as the date approached, Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson determined that it needed to age for six more months.
Rather than throwing out perfectly good, if slightly outdated, corks, the first bottles were sealed using the now out-of-date corks when the bourbon hit the market in 2011.
Angel Envy explained that the corks continue to be printed with 10/10 to this day to serve as a reminder that Henderson was "never satisfied with 'good enough.'"
Great whiskey requires tremendous patience, no matter how long it takes to get it right, and the 10/10 corks remain to remind fans of the Henderson family's commitment to quality.