Slice of Wagyu steak on wooden countertop
The Pricey Difference Between American And Japanese Wagyu Steak
Wagyu steak is renowned for its marbled fat, rich flavor, and succulent texture, but American and Japanese wagyu have a few differences, including price point.
Japanese wagyu steaks are sourced from only four cattle breeds, which are illegal to export, meaning that purebred wagyu comes only from Japan and can cost up to $200 per pound.
The cattle are raised in open, low-stress areas and fed a high-quality diet. The steaks have a BMS rating, with A4 and A5 delivering the best quality, flavor, marbling, and texture.
In contrast, American wagyu earns its name because it is sourced from Japanese cattle that were exported before the ban and bred with American breeds.
Thus, American wagyu is not purebred like Japanese wagyu and has no requirements for meeting the same rating, feeding, and care standards as its Japanese counterpart.
However, American wagyu is still highly coveted, and with a price point ranging from $27 to $80 per pound, it’s much cheaper than its Japanese counterpart.