Lobster, lemon, and corn on a table
The Pre-Grilling Step To Achieve Flawless, Succulent Lobster Every Time
Although grilling lobster can be difficult to master, chef Geoffrey Zakarian advocates for poaching lobster before you grill to ensure a perfect, succulent lobster every time.
Zakarian poaches his lobsters pre-grill in salted water and a seafood bouillon, which he makes by bringing lemon, salt, carrot, celery, onions, bay leaf, and water to a boil.
The Iron Chef lowers his lobsters into the boiling liquid for two minutes, separates the claws from the body, and then returns them to the liquid for another six minutes.
The lobster parts are chilled in an ice bath, the bodies with tails are cut in half with a knife, and the meat is removed from the claws. The tails and claws are then grilled.
Zakarian’s method of grilling the lobster lets the crustacean get a head start in the cooking process. With the meat basically cooked, the meat won’t sit on the grill and dry out.