Tray with Frozen Flowers in Ice Cubes on Rustic Wooden Background
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The Perfect Way To Brighten Spring Drinks Is Edible Flower Ice Cubes
To create bright, elegant springtime beverages, you might want to try making edible flower ice cubes. The flowers will create gorgeous pops of color that you can customize.
These ice cubes turn even the simplest beverages into instant eye candy, and they pair perfectly with special occasions like bridal or baby showers, Easter, and Mother's Day.
Lay the flowers face down in the ice cube tray first so they don't float, then pour water on top. Use distilled water to lessen bubbles and cloudiness in the finished cubes.
If you want to go the extra mile for crystal-clear cubes, boil the water and let it cool down first. Use a silicone tray to easily pop your cubes out without scratching them.
Once the cubes are fully frozen, you can add them to alcoholic beverages, tea, or lemonade, though their colors will pop the most in water and clear-colored drinks.
Try infusing the cubes with a flavored syrup by mixing it into the water. For extra spring vibes, add fresh herbs like mint or lavender directly into your cold drinks.