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The Origins Of Mexico's Colossal Burro Percheron
Even if you're a burrito fan, you may not know about the burro percherón, one of the biggest and heftiest burrito styles in Mexico at around 20 inches in length. To make it, a thin yet large tortilla is packed with chopped meat, usually carne asada, along with mozzarella, diced tomatoes, avocado, and perhaps a drizzle of mayonnaise or crema.
Like many Mexican burritos, the meaty and creamy burro percherón was invented in the country’s Northwest region, more specifically in the city of Hermosillo. Hermosillo residents have been making flour tortillas big enough for these nearly two-feet-long burritos since the 18th century, and the dish is still very popular in the region today.
Mission-style burritos from San Francisco are the overstuffed monster burritos that Americans may be most familiar with, but the burro percherón far surpasses this Californian staple in terms of heft. The next time you get a hankering for a giant meat-packed dish, try seeking out a colossal burro percherón for a seriously satisfying supper.