a bee on a purple flower
The Only Place In The World You Can Find Purple Honey
Purple honey is only found in North Carolina, and though locals have been familiar with it for years, the exact reason for the rare gem-colored honey is unknown.
Researchers in the 1970s concluded there is a relationship between the bees’ digestive systems and what is later found in blue-honey hives.
Since blooming plants are seasonal in the area, local bees visit places where darker-colored berries like blueberries and blackberries can be found.
Apiary owner Donald Dees told WRAL News that "the bees go to that fruit, chew it up, get the juice, it goes into their honey stomach," which is separate from a digestive stomach.
The floral notes of this honey could lend an interesting taste to warm cups of tea and baking projects. Purple honey comes in short supply, so it can be a challenge to obtain.