A glass of iced coffee
The Nespresso Tip That Totally Eliminates Watered-Down Iced Coffee
To prevent watered-down iced coffee, Nespresso recommends chilling your brewed espresso in the fridge first, before pouring it into a larger cup containing your milk and ice.
Nespresso has a coffee capsule specifically blended for iced coffees, called Ice Leggero made for Vertuo machines. It has a light fruitiness, subtle aroma, and delicate flavor.
The classic way to make iced coffee involves pouring espresso over ice, which can dilute the coffee. You can prevent this by pre-making the espresso and refrigerating it.
This allows your cup of joe to chill to the perfect temperature before the ice cubes are added. Once cold enough, decant it into a larger glass.
This breezy method hampers the ice cubes from liquefying prematurely because there isn't hot coffee in the glass to trigger the melting process.