Potato Salad in a bowl
The Mayo Swap That'll Take Your Potato Salad To The Next Level
A mayonnaise-based dressing is a classic choice for potato salad, and you can improve on the creamy complement it brings to the dish by replacing regular mayo with kewpie mayo.
While regular mayo blends whole eggs and oil into a creamy, sweet condiment, kewpie uses only egg yolks with mustard powder and three types of vinegar.
As a result, this mayo offers a much richer, savory taste with a tangy, spicy kick. Kewpie also has a proprietary emulsification process that results in a velvety, fluffy texture.
Kewpie's umami flavor profile and whipped consistency enhance the savoriness of earthy potatoes, aromatics, and boiled eggs. It also bestows the smoothest, creamiest coating.
You can make the swap without changing any ingredient proportions. Additionally, you can combine various ingredients that go well with kewpie to elevate your salad even further.