Whiskey pouring into Glencairn glass
The Macallan 18-Year Sherry Oak Whisky: The Ultimate Bottle Guide
Macallan 18-year Sherry Oak is a high-quality Scotch whiskey made of Concerto or Momentum barley, which is mashed and fermented with yeast before it is distilled.
After distillation, only a small percentage of the highest-quality spirit from the stills is selected to be aged inside sherry-seasoned oak casks.
Why Sherry Oak Barrels?
Instead of using virgin wood for barrels, which can impart a dominant woody flavor, Macallan is matured in oak barrels treated with sherry.
Although other alcohols can be used, sherry imparts a rich tapestry of flavors adding depth and complexity to the Scotch, particularly when aged for long periods.
The Macallan Sherry Oak 18 Years Old is rich with flavors and aromas. On the nose, you can detect notes of dried fruits, orange zest, and cinnamon.
On the tongue, the Scotch has a smooth, velvety mouthfeel and a sweet and spicy taste with influences from the sherry oak and notes of dark chocolate, ginger, raisins, and toffee.
Similar whiskeys include the Macallan 18-Year Double Cask, which is sweeter and spicier than the earthy, complex Sherry Oak.
Similarly, you can opt for the Balvenie 18-year Pedro Ximénez Cask, which is aged in large, American oak barrels, giving it a mellow honey flavor compared to the rich Sherry Oak.
Given the quality of this Scotch and a production that can span 24 years, it’s no surprise Macallan Sherry Oak 18-Years is expensive.
However, the price point is entirely justified for whiskey enthusiasts, who will appreciate the complexity and depth of this Scotch. Otherwise, there are cheaper options.