Iceberg lettuce: fresh, organic, freshly picked in a box, top view.
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The Lightning Fast Method For Coring Iceberg Lettuce
With a crunchy texture and mild to slightly sweet taste, iceberg lettuce is hard to beat when creating a salad or adding a little greenery to a sandwich. In fact, iceberg lettuce is one of the most popular types of lettuce sold and consumed in the U.S., and if you’re looking to serve up this delicious green even faster, try this tip to easily core it.
With a spherical shape, tightly packed leaves, and a white core located at the base of the head, iceberg lettuce is perfectly shaped for fast and easy coring. Best of all, no tools are required to core iceberg lettuce, but rather it’s an almost primal task, requiring only your hands, a hard surface, and a swift whack.
Before coring, remove any wilted or unappetizing leaves, and then simply turn your head of lettuce so that the core is touching your work surface and firmly hit the core against it. This should cause the core to break right off, but if not, twist the core to remove it, and then clean your lettuce leaves under cold water.