Raw red snapper on parchment paper with lime, garlic, sea salt and basil.
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The Ins And Outs Of Buying The Best Red Snapper Fish
Found in the mid-Atlantic and Caribbean, red snapper is a delectable white fish that's easy to cook. However, cooking the best red snapper starts with buying actual red snapper.
A study of samples from grocery stores and restaurants in North Carolina showed that 90% of fish labeled as red snapper were actually other species of white fish in disguise.
To know whether you're buying authentic red snapper at the grocery store or not, look for visual cues. The fish should have white meat tinged with a reddish-pink hue.
The skin of the fish should be bright red, almost fluorescent, and you should purchase red snapper with the skin on to keep the delicate meat together while cooking.
To determine freshness, touch the fish if you can to feel if it’s plump and firm (if it feels mushy, it's past its prime), and make sure the fish's eyes are clear and not hazy.
Fresh red snapper should also not smell fishy; instead, it should be subtly scented of the ocean. When in doubt, you can also ask the fishmonger for help in buying seafood.