A person whisking cake batter
The Ingredient Swap You Should Try In Your Next Cake Mix Batter
Boxed cake mix produces great results every time, but if you can put in a little extra effort, swapping whole eggs for egg whites can do wonders for your cake in terms of texture.
Egg whites bind the other ingredients together and add volume through their leavening properties, resulting in an airier texture.
Because commercial cake mixes already have additives that enhance the tenderness of the sponge when baked, using egg whites produces even more favorable results.
Egg whites also make your cake healthier without ruining the flavors and textures. While egg yolks contain 50 calories, egg whites are fat-free and only contain 15 calories.
Making the substitution is easy, as one whole egg is the same as two egg whites. Alternatively, you can use ¼ cup of egg whites from the carton.